GoTa Ship Management                       

"GoTa Ship Management’s vision is to provide reliable and innovative ship management related services enabling ship owners and operators to focus on core business. Using GoTa Ship Management shall be a way to mitigate risks, improve sustainability performance and keep total costs down" 

We trust that ship owners' before leaving their vessels in our care needs to feel confident that GoTa Ship Management will keep their total costs down and at the same time deliver high quality services and highest safety performance. 


With own crewing department in Gothenburg and own crewing agencies in Estonia as well as long term partnership with a major crew agent in Manilla, we are well geared for further assignments. 


We acknowledge that trust is built over time and that's why we are especially proud of long term partnership with major players within the Scandinavian forest industry taking full scope care of their vessels. We are equally happy for new customers that give us responsibility to carry out inspections of vessels, plan and carry out dockings and conversions or develop new technical solutions on board. 

GoTa Ship Management AB provides cost efficient and high quality ship management services including technical management, crewing and consulting services. The company is privately owned by people with a long seafarer tradition, both on the nautical and technical side. We know the industry and its challenges very well and have a real interest in doing the best of it in terms of efficiency and cost awareness. 

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