Ship Management 

With passion for vessels

The key to manage cost efficient operations lay with successful sourcing of services and supplies, deep knowledge and experienced staffs combined with standardised processes and systems that are continually developed. Building confidence towards our partners is always on top of the agenda. Our Technical and Nautical Superintendents are equipped with the right competence and tools to solve your challenges whatever it is improvement of the Planed Maintenance System (PMS) or a full conversion of the vessel that is needed. We know that no organisation is the same as the other and that needs and visions of our customers vary. Therefore listening and dialogue is the basis for all the activities we do. We believe that cooperation with other parties takes us and our customers business further. 

We have invested a lot in our business system, giving us possibilities to offer a very transparent and easy understandable accounting. 

Often we act as a long term partner with operators, ship owners and suppliers. We believe in win-win. The fleet that we manage today consist of roro and general cargo vessels. Most of the vessels operate around the Baltic Sea and North Europe with tough ice conditions and highest ice class.

We are today DOC holder and Technical Manager for vessels under Swedish, Gibraltar and Cyprus flags.

Please contact Christer Green to learn more what we can do for your business 

Most welcome to contact Leif Holmberg for technical related matters