Technical Consulting

In-house we have long term experience in project management as vessel design, vessel conversions, dockings and vessel modifications. Our experience cover areas such as engine performance, fuel optimizing, electrical systems, propulsions, environmental assessments, life cycle cost (LCC), Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) and much more. On a regular basis we carry out vessel inspections on behalf of potential buyers, perform damage surveys, assessments and surveys. We carry out complex technical projects that run over several years with many involved parties including research and development but are also standby for your vessel inspection or audit. It always comes back to the need of our customer and partners.

For the parts of the projects that we run that need additional external resources, we have a well-developed contact network within the industry. 

Docking Service

As a ship owner it is not always easy to allocate the resources to create docking list, to find the yard that will do the job at a competitive offer with the right quality finding and also make sure that the vessel is ready on time at controlled budget. This is our core business and tasks that we enjoy. 

What we offer is no rocket science it is just experienced staff with broad experience of taking care of own and others vessels combined with a structured and documented way of working.

For many reasons, the ambition and budget for what is suitable service level can vary within certain levels for a ship over time. That is the reality and what we are able to handle. In our daily business we manage yard work on many different levels, from conversions of roro vessels to repair of a small damage that is carried out in terminals when the vessel continues to be in operation. Despite the fact that Europe is our home market, we are also familiar with many yards and shipbuilding sites all over the world.

Participant in Eurostars E-NAV-R1, a project in the joint programme between EUREKA and the European Comnmission